Target Media Launches New Strategic Direction

Target Media is excited to announce the launch of its new strategic direction. 

“For the past 6 months, our leadership team has worked diligently to set forth a new strategic direction for the company,”

said John Bowser, current owner of Target Media.

“We’ve been implementing EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) from the author Gino Wickman (Traction) ensuring that we are focused on Target’s Vision, People, Issues, Data, Process and overall Traction.”

With the launch of its new strategic direction, Target is also launching a newly branded website that zeros in on what it does best – Aligning Brand Message with Brand Persona.

Target Media’s proven process of chasing persona that ultimately leads to client success includes:

  1. Ensuring a client’s brand message is emotionally aligned with their brand persona.
  2. Helping clients find where their brand persona is reachable.
  3. Creating an overall plan that gets a client’s brand message to its brand persona.

Another great aspect of Target’s new strategy is focusing in on the company’s main services, as well as its traditional and digital media buying capabilities. 

Target’s services include: Three Steps to Brand Voice, Media Audit, Media Strategy, Media Negotiation, Attribution and Strategic Media Agency Relationships.

Target’s Traditional Media Buying Capabilities include:

  • Broadcast and Cable TV
  • Terrestrial and Digital Radio
  • OOH Static and Digital
  • Print and Direct Mail
  • Non-Traditional: Experiential, Guerilla Marketing, and More.

Target’s Digital Buying Capabilities include:

  • Advanced Television: OTT, Connected TV, and Addressable
  • Programmatic Display: Mobile, Desktop, Geofencing, and Retargeting
  • Social: Facebook/Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, TikTok, and Snapchat
  • Online Video: YouTube, Twitch, and Publisher Direct
  • Email: Newsletter and Google Sponsored Promotions
  • Search/SEM

“We are excited at what the future holds for Target as we move forward with an aligned strategic direction that focuses on what we do best,”

says Jeremy Walter, SVP of Business and Innovation.

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